Asprey's Secret MIx Before Bed

Dave is a fellow bio-hacker that has truly found a method that really increases fat loss. I have been living

Here is your simple nightly fat-loss stack.

Here is your simple nightly fat-loss stack.

“bulletproof” for 7-8 weeks and I have Dave Asprey to thank for this.  Consider it ‘neo-paleo’ style of feeding yourself where you use a series of ketogenic days followed by a re-feed day. What I like about this secret mix of fat burning ingredients is that they make you feel good. Synergistically everything just works. Mixed with the nightly mct oil shots chased with Lindt chocolate, followed with am coffee consumed twice before 2 pm, the meals AFTER 2 pm along with the nootropic and vitamin stacks  leaves you feeling on the top of your game.

Honestly this is the most productive I’ve been in years, not to mention I am rocking a solid 8pack with minimum working out. Incredible is all I can say. If you need help with understanding the plan, feel free to contact me anytime.
~Ahmad Baari
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